Having learnt to code when he was very young, Vineet quickly realized both the opportunity that computers bring as well as the challenges in not only making sure technologies meet users pains but also in helping users find such solutions.

Vineet focuses on building prototypes while ensuring rapid product iterations to meet business needs. He is a large proponent of rethinking interfaces for users. He has spent the last ten years building intuitive and innovative interfaces for users to understand and work with.

He has done these at Microsoft, Accenture Technology Labs, Motorola, as well as the focus for his PhD at MIT CSAIL. Vineet currently works at Salesforce and particular focuses on the Enterprise Adoption of Emerging Technologies. He is the lead on the Violet Project - an Open Source framework to help team build out sophisticated Voice Applications rapidly.

Contact: Vineet can be reached via e-mail at vineet.sinha@gmail.com, on twitter at @VineetSinha and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/VineetSinha.

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