Emerging Tech

Voice (Violet): Project to increase enterprise adoption of Voice Applications. Taking lessons from Web and Mobile UI development, Violet tries to help separate out Design from Business Logic.

Augmented Reality: Projects to see if there are common AR use-cases that can benefit many verticals. Lead initiative for helping Employee learn about workplace details, and another initiative for helping Consumers get a quote for a complex package.

Virtual Reality: Investigating the benefits of a voice-enabled Digital Twin that is experienced using VR.

Education / Understanding

Continuing Learning (Implicit): Project trying to help employees in the workplace stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in their field.

Analytics (Caliper) Validation: Played a role in the definition of Caliper - an education standard for collection of analytics data. Took the lead in the development of an approach for vendor neutral validation of data for integrating analytics across multiple tools.

Faceted Navigation for Semistructured Data (Magnet): A general purpose tool that offers users helpful navigation and refinement options for seeking information in these semistructured repositories.

Software Architecture

Class Diamming (Relo): Project trying to help developers understand the details of their software projects. Originally inspired by informal developer drawings when being asked to explain code to coworkers, Relo was also influenced by the MFC Class Hierarchy Diagram, and worked hard at not overwhelming developers with their entire codebase.

Layered Architecture (Strata): An attempt at helping developers get a high-level view of their software projects. Strata was designed with a number of algorithms to generate Layered Architectural Diagrams within seconds. It allowed users to quickly modify diagrams by dragging and dropping items into correct positions and thereby informing the algorithms.

Code First UML (Architexa): A code understanding and diagramming platform built to include Relo, Strata, and sequence diagram support. Architexa was spun out from MIT and bootstrapped to a company with 10-employees.