• One year of learning from others about their experiences


    The last year has been a fun ride. Since we open-sourced and started talking about the ideas behind Violet we have been able to learn lessons from the experiences of how some of the best Voice Apps have been built.

    Not only have we built these into Violet, but we have also been talking about them at different places.

  • A Voice Application Framework: Announcing Violet


    For the greater part of this last year, I have had the pleasure of building a lot of Voice prototypes. These have included Alexa skills, actions for Google Home, as well as building standalone devices (powered by AVS) with custom wake-words and voices.

    When building such Voice Apps/Skills, I quickly noticed the need for programming with a fairly powerful yet low-level platform-specific API’s. It reminded me of the first Web apps that I built, where we needed to program to the different DOM API of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.